Short History

TEMKE first started in Patras - Greece in 1938, repairing and constructing small machines for different kinds and uses. At that time the area of Patras, along with Crete, were the main raisin producing areas in Greece with a lot of exports all over the world. The machines that were used to process the raisins, were very simple and primitive constructions.

Usually, the frames were made of wood and the other part of the machines made of wood or cast iron. In addition, the presence of many workers was required so as to operate the machines, which resulted in very low efficiency and quality of final product.

In early stages, TEMKE recognized the demand of new and better machines and started to manufacture some types of them. However, the size and the need of market impelled TEMKE to start working almost exclusively for raisin machines along the whole process line. This helped the company to focus better on the necessary improvements and develop new machines in order to satisfy better the needs or our customers.

The machines have started to change slowly but steadily. The wooden parts were replaced by cast iron and aluminum during the 60's and later stainless steel begun to be used for all parts that came in touch with raisins.

Today TEMKE manufactures machines for the whole process line, which are completely made by stainless steel, fully automatic (only few operators are required now), for high productivity, efficiency and quality of the final product. Some of the machines used in the process line were first invented and patented by our company.
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